Meet our SCORE Volunteers – Paul Kalicky


SCORE volunteers are experts, successful professionals, and former business owners that give back to the local business community. Paul Kalicky is a volunteer who has helped many business owners in the Asheville area, sharing his own knowledge and gift of analytical thinking. SCORE volunteers, like Paul, are an integral part of business development and leadership training in Asheville and WNC.

Q. What are one or two favorite things to do/places to go in Asheville?

A. I enjoy all the beautiful, scenic walking trails in the area including those at the Biltmore Estate and their concerts and other events

Q. What are your areas of business expertise?

A. During my 31 year career at the DuPont Co. I’ve developed expertise in formulating business strategies, business plans to implement those strategies, and in many aspects of business operations, including manufacturing, research & development, sales, marketing, intellectual property, licensing, mergers & acquisitions, and international trade.

Q. Over the course of your career path what has been your #1 strength? What personality trait, skill, or ability was integral to your professional success?

A. I think the analytical abilities I developed  as a research scientist has enabled me to quickly understand the key success factors in any business, and to develop viable programs to profitably grow those businesses.

Q. Why do you volunteer for Asheville SCORE?

A. I enjoy helping small business owners who have not had the benefit of the extensive training one gets in a large company. And as much as I like helping a new business to grow profitably, it’s equally satisfying to help startups avoid costly pitfuls.

Q. If you could give a new or existing business owner one piece of advice what would it be?

A. I encourage every new startup to talk to as many owners of similar business as possible (outside of their competitive market area) in order to learn all about the possible pitfalls to be encountered and how to avoid them.   There is a quote I like:

“A vision without a plan is just a dream, A plan without a vision is just drudgery, But a vision with a plan can change the world”.