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Wednesday Morning 1 Million Cups Asheville – The Perfect Way to Start Your Day

1mclogoWhat is 1 Million Cups?

1 Million Cups is a networking and experiential learning opportunity that is part of a larger community where meetings happen each week across the United States. Each event has the same meeting format to create consistency across locations and commits to the same basic principles of support, trust, and respect.

  • Every Wednesday morning one or two early stag startups present their businesses to an audience of peers, mentors, educators, colleagues, advisors, and more.
  • Each week the startup representatives should have prepared for their talk by studying and implementing best practices from the Kauffman Founders School “Powerful Presentation” series.
  • Each startup has 6 minutes to share their ideas, concepts, and work. This is followed by a 20 minute Q & A with the attendees.
  • After the event attendees provide feedback via an audience survey and from the local 1 Million Cups organizers.
  • 1 Million Cups is a national movement that works to provide a supportive, neutral, welcoming space where entrepreneurs can come to be honest, open, and transparent about their challenges, accomplishments, struggles, and successes.

Who Should Attend?

There are two different types of people and organizations that should attend the weekly 1 Million Cups Asheville events.

First, any startup company in Western North Carolina that would like feedback and support for their idea within the local entrepreneurial community.

Second, any business owner, entrepreneur, or professional that would like to network, get to know, and support other movers and shakers in the Asheville region.


Wednesday mornings from 9 AM to 10 AM.


RISC Networks located in downtown Asheville at: 81 Broadway Suite C Asheville, NC 28801

How to Learn More

Visit the website:

Why is SCORE a 1 Million Cups Sponsor?

Asheville SCORE exists to support the local entrepreneurial, startup, and business community. Our counseling services and seminars benefit a wide variety of professionals and industries each year. Our goal is to provide all of our clients and students with access to other resources within the community and 1 Million Cups Asheville is one of these resources. When we partner with other organizations and groups focused on building our small business and entrepreneurial network in Asheville, we know we are helping to support and grow the community as a whole.