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Free and confidential counseling and business consulting by SCORE experts and professionals is a key factor for any entrepreneur or business owner. When you are starting your own business or improving a current business we can assist you with business development in multiple ways:

If you are in the Boone area, contact us at or call 828-264-2732

If you are in the Qualla Boundary (Cherokee), please call 828-497-1666

If you are in the Marion area, please call 828-652-4240

If you are in the Asheville area, please fill out one of the forms below.  Choose the one that beast fits your needs.

1.Face To Face Counseling

To schedule a face-to-face counseling session, please fill in the following form. You will be contacted shortly.

Prior to your first appointment, please download the following form to your computer. Please fill out Parts I and II of the following form, print it, and bring it with you to the appointment

Right Click on this Link, and choose “Save As…”

2. Business Assessment Team Visit

We will assemble a select team of SCORE member professionals to work with your company to (i) create problem-solving strategies to manage any ongoing business issue(s) and/or (ii) to develop strategies to help you grow your company. Examples of business problems that we can address include:

  • Adequacy of strategic and operational planning
  • Risk Management
  • Analysis of marketing effectiveness
  • Analysis of company’s financial condition
  • Inventory control and analysis
  • Optimization of production schedules
  • Assesment of growth options and opportunities

To arrange a Business Assessment Team, please fill out the following form. You will be contacted shortly.

3. E-mail Counseling

Log on to to access the expertise of SCORE experts throughout the United States and initiate one-on-one counseling and business consulting with them.

If you have any problems using this page or any other questions regarding our counseling services, please email us.