Volunteer Opportunities

Become a SCORE Volunteer Business Advisor and Help Support Entrepreneurship and Grow Local Businesses

If you are searching for a stimulating and fun volunteer experience, Asheville SCORE has a great opportunity for you. We are a national army of about 12,000 volunteers from all aspects of business ownership and management who have the mission of helping small businesses grow. Counseling with these sharp and enthusiastic entrepreneurs keeps us all on our toes. It is both fun and challenging to be a business mentor and coach to these budding businesses and to contribute to local business development and training.
SCORE Volunteers are an integral part of business development and leadership training in Asheville and WNC

Here’s an interesting fact: from our experience, over half of the businesses in WNC are either women-owned or managed; yet most of our counselors have continued to be men. So, while we are also welcoming men volunteers, we are hoping that there are some experienced businesswomen out there who would like to share in the SCORE experience. Incidentally, the latest statistic on our membership is that over 50% of us are under the age of 65 and many are still working in some capacity in addition to being a volunteer counselor.

Call Dane Barrager at 828-367-1446 or email him at dane.barrager@gmail.com for more information.